Collectible Coins and Stamps for Sale in Fallbrook, CA

Rock Geode Amethyst Niagara Falls Canada Moose & Canadian Penny On Top Size 5 long 2 3/4 hi
Antique Coin Purse Purple Suede & Velvet Interior Wrist or purse Condition V.Good & NM. Size: 2 1/2 by 2 1/2
Antique Purse Faux Snake skin Coin bakelit clasp Faux - not real. Made `1930's up to 1950 Condition V.Good Don't wait price may go up what it is worth it one of akind
Old Leather Coin Purse Condition V.Good
Key Chain Purse German Saffires. One of a kind & rare Condition: V.Good
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