Variety of solids and denim and patterned shorts. Gently used. Elastic waist/ drawstrings/ adjustable waistline. Asking $15.00 ppu
Bundle of variety boy shirts. Pirates, cars, anchors, stripes, motorcycle, surfboards asking $8 for the bundle. Ppu
Zipper hoodie with Minnie ears on good. Red Minnie sweats. I m used condition. Asking $15 for set.
Solid colors. I m great condition. Used less than a handful of times. Asking $2.00
Jacket is sky blue with navy buttons and blue hearts inside. Great for going over dresses. Asking $5.00
Variety of dresses and a skirt. Gently used and in good condition. Great for summer time. Asking $10 for the bundle.
2 pairs of denim jeans and 2 blue jeggings and 1 black jegging. Gently used. Asking $12 for bundle.
2 long sleeve, 1 sleeveless, 2 frilly sleeves, and 1 spaghetti strap. Included but not pictured are some cotton 18 mon T-shirt s and onesies. Super cute. Gently used. $10 for the bundle.
Used but good condition A couple 5t and one 3t but fit the same as 4t